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Afternoon wedding at Wachesaw Plantation

My gear bagIt's been a while since I've been to Wachesaw Plantation for a wedding. It's a really pretty location on the Waccamaw River, it's especially nice at sunset the way the light filters through the many trees. The bride and groom at this wedding wanted to do a first look so they could get most of the wedding pictures done before the ceremony. That is actually a nice way to do things because the couple can start having fun as soon as the ceremony is over. This also means though that most of the pictures will have to be done earlier in the day when the sunlight is a lot harsher. Thankfully at Wachesaw, there are lot of big trees for shade, so it really wasn't a problem. I was still able to bring the couple out of the reception for a few before sunset pictures which were really nice. I'm sure you can pick out below which ones were taken closer to sunset.

This was my second wedding with my new Lowepro bag. It's the biggest one you can get. I'm really loving this thing, I can pack all my gear now in one bag, and it's got nice wheels and a handle for pulling it around. I guess the only bad thing is, occasionally I'm in a spot where I can't roll the bag, and then I have to carry it by it's handle. With as much gear as I'm packing this is pretty difficult.  But so far I've been able to roll it in most places. I'll include a quick cell phone picture because all my real cameras are in the bag. I like to have a camera body for each lens instead of trying to switch them. Wedding photography is generally about how fast you can work, so I like to have everything ready to go.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know if the comments if you do.

Father and son before the ceremony First look wedding at Wachesaw PlantationFirst look wedding at Wachesaw Plantation There are many more pictures, click here to continue viewing this post . . .

Pawleys Plantation wedding with a Beauty and the Beast themed reception

I always love going to Pawleys Plantation Golf Club for a wedding, it's a very pretty area and the staff there is very nice.  I really loved the bride's dress at this wedding, she had a Beauty and the Beast Disney theme to the dress and wedding reception.  You can see some pictures of the ballroom decorations below.  I recently got a new 14mm prime lens so I was enjoying playing around with some super wide angle shots of the reception decorations.  Looking through the lens is so wide though I realized I was almost sticking my camera in the cake without realizing it.  It's not the kind of lens that I will use often, but it's fun for a few shots here and there.  I also finally got a really big case to carry all my gear. It's the largest Lowepro rolling case they have.  It looks like a big suitcase, but inside it has dividers that can be arranged for photo gear.  I have my 4 camera bodies, flashes, various lenses etc. all organized together in one case.

The wedding ceremony was a few hours before sunset, so after the bride and groom finished eating I took them back out of the reception for some sunset pictures. When the days start getting longer, most ceremonies are going to be a while before sunset, so if possible I always try to get the couple out for some sunset pictures when the light is much softer.  At least at locations like Pawleys Plantation with a lot of trees, there is always somewhere to get some shade from the sun.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know in the comments below if you do.

Bride on porch of Pawleys Plantation Bride and sister on porch of Pawleys Plantation There are many more pictures, click here to continue viewing this post . . .

Wonderful and fun older couple at their surprise 60th anniversary party – Springmaid Hotel

This was a really great senior couple that had a surprise 60th anniversary party at the Springmaid Beach hotel. I really wasn't expecting such an elaborate event when I arrived. It really was like a small wedding reception. They had a small band, a wedding style cake, a dance floor and they even played that wedding game where they ask the couple questions and see how well they know each other. I think you can see in the pictures they were constantly smiling or tearing up, they just seemed to have the best time and really loved each other. I'm sure we all wish we could be like them someday. The only little problem I had was the room lighting was pretty bad. They had florescent lights and I didn't know quite how to balance them with my flash, I normally would put a warm gel on the flash for typical reception type incandescent lighting. I wouldn't think florescent would need a warm gel, but I think these did. It wasn't a big deal, something more I would only notice, but in some of the pictures the background light doesn't quite balance with the foreground that is lit with flash. Oh well, no matter how many times I do something, I'm always learning. I know you will enjoy some of the pictures below. Please comment if you do.

Senior couple arriving in limo 60th anniversary couple arriving at Springmaid Beach There are many more pictures, click here to continue viewing this post . . .

Another fun couple getting married at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach

I've been going to the Ocean Club for weddings a lot this year, not that I'm complaining it's a really nice location. The club is located at the very north end of Myrtle Beach, so there is a small area with dunes and sea oats with no hotels in the background.  This was a small ceremony down on the beach, I always like smaller ceremonies because they are usually more relaxed and flexible on time. I also prefer when they have the ceremony on the beach instead of the Ocean Club veranda. The veranda can get pretty tight to move around and get pictures. It's not a big deal, I'm used to working at locations where I can't move around freely during the ceremony, but I certainly prefer the beach where I can walk completely around the ceremony location. This was a very fun couple to work with, one of those couples that is just very easy to make look good in pictures. I previously put up a blog post about their engagement pictures as well, you can view them here http://www.myrtlebeachphotography.org/blog/2013/03/14/cute-couple-with-big-smiles-doing-engagement-pictures-at-the-state-park-in-myrtle-beach/.

I'm working on getting caught up with things, I've still got a lot of albums to finish up for clients.  Once I get caught up I'm going to post to the blog more weddings from earlier in the year.  I also want to talk some about my Macbook Pro setup with a Windows file server and how I've got that all setup to work with Lightroom.  For now I hope you enjoy the pictures below.  Please comment and like the post if you do.

Guys getting ready at the Ocean Club Closeup shot of rings with focus stacking There are many more pictures, click here to continue viewing this post . . .

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